The Science of Meditation

Below is a link to a fantastic article about the scientifically proven health benefits of meditation.  I highly recommend taking a closer look at these studies, even if you already make time to meditate, or if you are among those who have decided it’s not your thing.  Whether it’s yoga, traditional meditation, or your own individual way of finding a few moments of peace and quiet (i.e. a walk on the beach withOUT your cell phone), the salient effects of deep relaxation have been documented by researchers at Harvard Medical School, among others.

“Harvard researchers asked the control group to start practising relaxation methods every day,” says Jake Toby, hypnotherapist at London’s BodyMind Medicine Centre, who teaches clients how to induce the relaxation effect. “After two months, their bodies began to change: the genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells and protect the body from cancer all began to switch on.’

Here are just 7 of the scientifically proven health benefits of deep relaxation:

1.  Improved immune system

2.  Emotional balance

3.  Increased fertility

4.  Relieves IBS

5.  Lowers blood pressure

6.  Anti-inflammatory

7.  Calmness

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