“Jessica is one of the healthiest, happiest people I’ve ever met. She does more in one day than most of us do all week, and she manages to do it with a smile, constant kindness, and boundless energy. I really think her secret is in her healthy lifestyle and I am SOOO happy that she is now sharing her secrets! Her workouts are fantastic, really effective at kicking your butt while also being fun, and I always learn something new from her, whether it’s some great exercise technique I can practice at home or a new recipe or food advice, she is always overflowing with the best information! You will love the time you spend with her!”  – J. Wilkins

“Jessica, all of us at the salon still use the stretches and movements you taught us as part of our morning routines and I like to do them between clients, like you suggested.  I am constantly thinking about what you showed me for how to activate my core properly and my back doesn’t hurt so much anymore so I must be on the right path! Thank you!”  — Kayla W., stylist at Aveda Salon

“I have known Jessica since her days as a practicing litigator, and even long before she pursued a career in fitness and nutrition, I admired the serious priority she gave to exercise and overall health in her life.  That is not easy to maintain in the legal profession, yet Jessica was always a unique resource around the office that others sought out for advice about eating healthy, fitting in workouts, how to work out, and managing stress despite the pressures of our careers.  I have watched the workouts Jessica commits herself to and her interactions with others, and consider her to be not only a first-rate athlete, but also a natural motivator who continually strives to keep learning and bettering herself and others.  She is an invaluable resource.”  -A. Aannestad

I met Jessica after practicing years of conventional, unsuccessful workout routines. Her casual style is fluid, and very intuitive to individual fitness goals. Well beyond the traditional training practices of the past, she has educated and taught me the role that fitness, nutrition and mental commitment plays on my overall wellness and being. She is a must for anyone interested in changing the way they currently approach personal health!” -S. Frederick

“I have worked with numerous trainers over the years, and Jessica is by far the best in terms of expertise, dedication, and genuine enthusiasm for her work.  I am a busy professional and I all too frequently allow life’s stresses and hectic schedule to take priority over good health decisions.  Jessica has been working with me to make health a top priority, but she does it in a way that encourages and educates so that I feel invigorated and inspired at the end of a session.  That is no small task where I am concerned.
Further, she exudes a quiet confidence and demonstrates a high level of expertise about the subject of fitness that I have rarely seen in other trainers.  One of the most notable and valuable skills that Jessica brings to her training is that she listens – really listens – to my goals and concerns, and she formulates creative fitness routines that keep me engaged at the same time as address any concerns or limitations I have at the time.  As a result, I am stress-free, I am injury-free, and I am exercising and finetuning essential parts of my body too long neglected.
In sum, Jessica is one of the most qualified trainers I have worked with over the last ten years.”  -A. Roebuck

“I had just turned 40 and my last 7 years behind the computer had left their marks on my body. I was choppy and sloppy and wanted to do something about it. Jessica has trained me since August 2012 and I have noticed a serious improvement in my overall condition and muscle strength. I shared my personal goal with her – running San Diego half-marathon – and together, we made it happen in March (with an awesome result – 1:35 and 22nd place in my age group of 370 men). She got me there! I am not sloppy and choppy anymore! Jessica is very good at finding new, motivating and inspiring exercises that challenge me. I wish I had BEFORE and AFTER pictures, so you could see the change. A man in your 40s and want a change? Jessica will make it happen. I am returning to Norway and sad because there is no Jessica in Norway. However, I´ll be able to keep up (some of) the good work because of everything she has taught me. THANK YOU!”  -R. Hausstaetter