Jessica is an educator, trainer, lawyer, athlete and outdoor enthusiast who is a total nerd about posture and mobility training. Her passion is the development of realistic methods to help people counteract the health detriments of a busy, sedentary lifestyle. When she’s not teaching people how to realign their bodies, you can find her hiking up or sliding down mountains with her St. Bernard/Irish Wolfhound, Maximus.
Check out this video for an idea of what we offer, and then please read on to get to know your trainer Jessica better.


Jessica’s life has taken her full-circle: from a childhood of competitive gymnastics to an adolescence battling undiagnosed autoimmune disease, to a young adulthood at Berkeley Law, followed by 9+ years as a litigator in a “BigLaw” firm.  Struggling with overweight, chronic joint and muscle pain, and a variety of distressing health issues, Jessica became determined to regain her health and vitality while still advancing her law practice.

She tried and tested innumerable methods over the years–ranging from the installation of bicycle pedals under her desk to committing to regular “walking dates” with colleagues.  While some no doubt found her behavior quirky, others took notice of the slow but steady improvements to Jessica’s energy, posture, and physique.  Soon, Jessica found herself designated the unofficial office expert in wellness.  Regularly fielding questions about her meals, workouts, time-management, etc…, Jessica was overcome with how inspired she felt by being able to help her colleagues become happier, healthier and more productive.

With her habits quickly becoming her passion, Jessica spent her free time studying to become a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and yoga instructor, thinking it would be a useful personal education.  It was only a matter of time until Jessica felt pulled to pursue a career sharing her experience and helping others. 

Since her transition to working exclusively in the fitness industry and perpetually growing her education in the field, Jessica has developed successful health enhancement techniques that are uniquely informed by her background.  She works primarily with busy professionals, who regularly comment that her methods strike the perfect balance of effectiveness and practicality. 

In the words of one particular attorney, “It’s just not realistic for me to spend 2 hours a day working out and making my own meals.  Jessica understands that better than any trainer I’ve ever met, and her flexible methods are designed to work around my ever-changing schedule.  She gives me simple tools and techniques that I can use on my own terms, and they have helped tremendously with my back pain and fatigue.”

Jessica is motivated and inspired not just by generic health markers like weight or fat loss, but by clients who tell her they feel younger, stronger, more energetic and more full of life.  After all, Jessica’s own journey has taught her that the aim of health is not just for the sake of health itself, but rather for the sake of shaping you into the best you can be–at your life, your career, your relationships, and maybe even your next triathlon or whatever goals comprise your bucket list.

Education and Certifications:

  • UC Berkeley School of Law, J.D. (2003)
  • University of San Diego, School of Business, B.B.A. (2000)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, C.P.T  (2011)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Fitness Nutrition Specialist  (2012)
  • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher  (2014)
  • Academy of Holistic Fitness, Proactive Postural Restructuring Specialist (2017)