Most programs just tell you to move more. We teach you to move better.  This module covers physical movement concepts most needed by desk workers, including:

•  How to incorporate mobility training into daily office life, in order to address sitting-related muscular atrophy

•  Instruction of movement patterns targeted at alleviating back, neck, and shoulder pain

•  Whether and how to correctly adopt a stand-up workstation

•  Posture analysis and improvement, including instruction in properly strengthening core anatomy

•  Simple, effective workout ideas for in and out of the office

•  Training in movement patterns and stretches designed to prevent repetitive-motion injuries

•  Yoga (basic instruction and education of its benefits)

•  Tips for maximizing efficiency in workouts

•  Techniques to alleviate eye strain

•  Introduction to fascia and self-myofascial release techniques to counteract the detriments of sitting (i.e. foam rolling)

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